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Dustin Ellermann

“Dustin may be the best shooter we ever had.”

 Those words spoken by “Top Shot” host Colby Donaldson echoed the sentiments of scores of viewers as they watched Dustin Ellermann shoot his way to the grand prize of season 3 of History’s top-rated program.

 And while his stunning performance at the final challenge stood the shooting world on its ear, it was his character that endeared so many to this 28-year-old from Zavalla, TX. He brought no drama; only skill and passion along with a calm, cool demeanor into shooting challenges that rattled the most seasoned competitors.

 Before he was the “Top Shot” champion, he was (and remains) the director of Camp His Way a summer Christian kids camp and year round retreat facility. He and his wife are also foster parents and have 3 children of their own.

And his easygoing attitude on shooting is much more impressive when you learn he was 99 percent self-taught.

 “Shooting is fun to me and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be on “Top Shot” and to now be able to share my passion for shooting through clinics, range days and other appearances. Putting God and family first, I look forward to seeing where this journey leads.” ~ Dustin

Dustin is now booking for promotions as well as speaking at churches, men's groups and youth events.


"Dustin may be the best shooter we ever had.  He surprised everybody, it was across the board."
~ Colby Donaldson (TS host)

"Dustin has proved himself just exceedingly well, despite any initial concerns of lack of experience, I can say for myself and everyone else that we are not concerned at all with moving forward with Dustin."
~ Mike Hughes (TS3 Competitor)

"Dustin was shooting very fast and accurately, it sounded like he had a machine pistol in his hands. We had no idea how strong of a shooter Dustin was - the kid can shoot!"
~ Jake (TS3 Competitor)

“His grip and stance is excellent, he looks like a professional shooter”
~ Taran Butler (TS3 Expert and Competition Champion)

“You cannot take Dustin for granted, he’s just got this kidlike energy that he brings to everything”
~ Gary (TS3 Competitor)

“Dustin is fast, light and nimble. And he’s the most accurate shooter on their team”
~ Chris (TS3 Competitor)

"Dustin is one of those very rare gifted natural born shooters who walks across the pages of our cultural history from time to time. My kids have attended Ellermann’s camp and we have known Dustin and his wife Brittany for years. I wouldn’t want to go up against Dustin in a head to head match. He is one focused dude when he gets behind a gun."
 ~ Randall Dunning (Mayor Pro Tem of Garland, TX)

"Dustin has become a role model for my boys that I have encouraged.  In fact, I think he has become a role model for all of us.  He truly emulates what a true Christian should be.  Through the talk to the group he showed that all that we see on the show is genuine.  He really does care about others and sharing the Word of God with everyone he meets."
~ Michelle R - Lufkin 4H Leader

"I love Dustin's spirit, attitude, and how he lets Jesus shine through. He reminds me of 1924 Olympic Champion and missionary Eric Liddell when he said in Chariots of Fire "God made me for China...but He also made me fast...and when I run I feel His pleasure."
~ Dave Gehrls International Ministry Coach - Christ for the City